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The Simple-But-Not-Always-Easy Remedy for Lasting Change

better THOUGHTS No Comments

A reminder. Dedicated to everyone, everywhere.                                                             The real magic behind lasting change is practice. It may not be that easy, but it IS that simple.

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Are You Perfect?

better THOUGHTS 2 Comments

I belong to an outstanding toastmasters club and feel very blessed to hear men and women from all walks of life and all skill levels deliver speeches on topics ranging anywhere from “How to Retire on $10” to “The Benefits of Kale”. During a recent meeting, one speaker opened with “Show of hands, how many […]

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Stuck? 3 simple ways to create wiggle room and get moving.

FEAR and WORRY No Comments

Cindy and I met for the first time at one of my satellite offices that smells intensely of espresso and sounds like the melding of a steam train and a jet engine with a splash of Bonnie Raitt hovering high in the corners. I started our meeting as professionally as I do with every client: […]

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Need a Better Mantra? Find Your Truth First.

about TIME 6 Comments

If you know me at all, you know that my mantra for the past several decades has been “There’s not enough time.” I’ve kept this mantra so long I seriously envision my gravesite as a half buried casket, unplanted flowers, and a headstone that reads: “Here lies the empty tomb of Sheila Whittington Couldn’t stay […]

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Confessions of a Niche-less Coach (or How I Discovered I am a Scanner)

Motivation 18 Comments

There are two questions that can set me in a tailspin faster than gas through a Hummer: 1. What is your favorite (fill in the blank)? (color, food, team, facial-wax product…) 2. What do you do [for a living]? On any given day, my answer to the first question will be different because I just […]

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An Acceptional Declaration

have FUN 6 Comments

This year instead of making outrageous New Year’s resolutions that seem to fall by the wayside faster than butter melts off steaming hotcakes, I’m simply declaring that this will be an ACCEPTIONAL year. Don’t get me wrong. Last year was great. I accomplished many things and grew in ways I’ve never grown. Like from religion […]

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