Sheila’s deal…

Energized. Honest. Intuitive. That’s me. At least it’s part of the best of me that can help you get to where you want to go. I have boundless positive energy to hold your attention, motivate you, and help you make change possible. I’m honest and direct, but in a caring, kind and light way. Clients describe working with me as “comfortable and easy, but down to business.” I have an innate ability to see inside your thinking and know when to poke for more and when to back off. Trust me; these are good qualities to look for in a coach. Then there’s the fun thing. I love to have fun and laugh.


While I TRULY believe that life is supposed to be fun, sometimes it just isn’t. My purpose is simply to help people be happy. Help them know that life isn’t as hard as we make it. That it’s supposed to be full of joy and laughter. That loving yourself is the best thing you can possibly do for you or anyone else. That selfish is not a bad word. That life is full of fabulous, delicious, positive choices and YOU GET TO CHOOSE! I coach because I want to help people find that natural born “inner-Disneyland”, the REAL happiest place on earth. My purpose is to help you get to that place where you feel energized, deserved, worthy, beautiful, inspired, powerful – and FUN to be you. Simply put…I want to make the world a better place, and this is the best way I know how to do it.


I’m a Master Certified Life Coach and a Certified Relationship Coach, personally trained and certified by Dr. Martha Beck, America’s ultimate life coach, best selling author (Finding Your Own Northstar, Steering by Starlight), and monthly columnist for O Magazine. Along with the Northstar philosophy, I also incorporate the powerful “Work” of Byron Katie, the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham as taught by Jerry and Esther Hicks, the Self Coaching 101 method of Brooke Castillo, and the work of many other talented teachers and mentors both living and dead. I learn something new every day and pass it on, even stuff from my kids and my dog.

Before Coaching

Prior to this fabulous gig, I worked nearly 30 years in various leadership roles for both large and small corporations. My background in human resources, marketing, business, organizational dynamics and team-leading all contribute to my understanding of the working environments many of you face right now. My simultaneous role as wife, mother, and former network-business owner provides me the understanding of the importance of balance between family and career and the unquestionable necessity of time-for-self. My student-of-life encounters, (including several messy relationships), are bountiful and have given me valuable insight into the experience of just being human. Believe me – I’ve taken my share of rides on life’s rollercoaster. Turns out, it was all good.

I know in my heart:


The purpose of cake IS to have it AND eat it too.

I’m as far away and as close to perfect as possible.

Working on my own thoughts is essential because I choose not to suffer unnecessarily.

If I connect the dots backward, I can see why things happened. And it’s all good.

The best and worst things in life are products of my thoughts. Good thoughts are definitely better.

Every person in my life – then, now and in the future – is supposed to be in my life.

Reading is learning. Learning is fuel. Fuel lights my fire. I love feeling lit up.

Oh yeah – it doesn’t matter how fast I read.

I can be smart and wise without having a degree.

The misuse of the words “myself” and “yourself” drives me nuts.

Nobody pushes my buttons harder than I do.

Macaroni & cheese and fudge brownies are direct gifts from God.

Laughing is even better than macaroni & cheese and brownies put together. WAY better.

Worrying about the future is a waste of time. It keeps me stuck and unable to make changes.

Living in the past is a waste of time. I can’t change what’s already happened. It’s done.

Rules are just words and ideas. It’s my thoughts about the consequences that cause my pain.

Just when I think I’ve figured it all out, I figure out I haven’t. It’s still good.

I truly love this work. It feels more like play to me. It lights me up!

I deeply love my family and my friends. Even the ones I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

My husband and my sons complete me. No other gifts have been greater.