Congratulations! Here you are at the CONTACT ME page. That means you’re at least thinking about taking a big step for yourself. You probably have some questions, a little bit of fear, and another pesky decision to make. Do you click the button or not? Don’t be afraid. Click it!!! Or call me at 480-577-4114. I promise I don’t bite, and you have absolutely nothing to lose. I’d love to hear from you. Really!

So what happens after you click or call and I answer? We’ll set up a time to get on the phone and chat for about 20 minutes – no charge or obligation. You can ask questions, tell me what you want from coaching and check out my personality. I’ll tell you more about my coaching style, what you can expect and hopefully answer your questions. You decide from there. Be assured, everything between us is confidential – including your email and personal info.