Standing with my hands in the dish water yesterday, 8-year old Aiden burst through the door, grabbed a drink and spun to make a mad dash back outside. Jerking to a halt, he looked at me sadly and declared, “I’m glad I’m not a grown-up. They don’t get to play any games.“ and with that, he rocketed out the door.

“Oh, my son,” I mused out loud to my empty kitchen, “we play plenty of games. They just have different rules and different results.”

Aiden had no idea I was playing one of my favorite games right then. It’s a twist on a childhood favorite; I call it “Seek and Go Hide.” Believe it or not, doing the dishes at that moment was part of the game.

Here are the rules I made up and have been playing by:

  1. “Seek”. Figure out something you want really badly – yes, even passionately. This is something that lights your fire, turns you on, keep’s you awake at night thinking up new ideas. Something you were born to do.
  2. Research this new thing. Find every source. Read up. Take classes. Get certifications. Become the expert. Get more certifications. Throw your all into it! Be giddy with excitement and anticipation for success!
  3. “Hide”. Just when it’s time to put your self out there and even change the world, retreat into self-doubt. Find your imperfections. Rationalize why it won’t work – especially for you. Compare yourself to everyone else. Be afraid to fail. Be afraid to be judged.
  4. Whatever you do, DON’T GO FOR IT!!! Think of every reason you can’t move forward. Make lame excuses. Blame your circumstances and other people. Volunteer for things you don’t want to do just to keep you from feeling guilty. Waste time on Facebook. Yes, even do the dishes.

I’m a funster. I love playing games. But after playing this game non-stop for a very long time, I’ve come to realize it really sucks and I’m not having much fun. It’s getting old fast. And the funny thing is, by playing it I’m actually bringing my fears to life. By hiding, no one CAN ever find me so nobody even gets the chance to judge me! I know better. I am better.

It’s time for a new game, and the game is “Truth or Dare”. This blog post is the start.

I just told you The Truth. I’ve been hiding my brilliance. I’m a master certified coach but I haven’t shown up. I’ve been afraid you might not like what I say or won’t be interested. I’ve been afraid of being judged. I’ve been afraid of not being perfect. I’ve been afraid of failing. I’ve been afraid to tell the truth. But I just did.

Now, time for  The Dare. I dare myself to put myself out there. I dare myself to network and show up. I dare myself to start blogging again. I dare myself to not care if people don’t like what I have to say or aren’t interested. And I’m going to continue to dare myself to share my brilliance and change the world. Because THAT’S what I really want. Anything less is no fun.

What about you? Is there something you really want to do, or have, or be – but you’re not making it happen? Have you been playing Seek and Go Hide? What sucky rules have you made up? Is it time to change your game?

I declare “All-y, All-y “outs” in free!” There’s a new game in town, baby – and READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!!

I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE you to join me.